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Bike renting at the Senda del Oso

DEPORVENTURA propose you best quality bike renting over the Senda del Oso « Bear Path » which is an old railway, used to carry out the extracted coal from Quirós and Teverga mines from 1874 until 1964, that has been transformed and included as one of the Spanish bicycle greenways network.

Enjoy a full day bicycle ride over one of the most beautiful greenway in Asturias. All over its almost 50 kms long, you can visit the « Bear Enclosure » where are living the famous female bears « Paca » and « Tola » and know more about their particular history, you will also cross around many different traditional structures of Asturias landscape as the « Horreos » (granaries), the « Paneras » (bakeries) as well as many old launderettes and fountains. Riding through some railway tunnels you will cross over amazing mountain’s passes shaped by gorgeous rivers as the Valdecerezales defile or Peñas Juntas’one. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful view of the Valdemurrio reservoir and its surrounding area.


Accessibility: All yearlong

Timing: Half-day or the day long (depending of the distance you have planned to do)

Starting points: Deporventura propose you 3 different places from which you can launch your journey: from the Recreational Area of Buyera in Santo Adriano (Proaza), from the village of San Martin de Teverga (at youth hostel) and from the Valdmurio Reservoir (Quirôs).

Parking: Yes



    • This price includes your bike and helmet as well as assistance all over the path.
    •  You can plan from 16kms to 50kms ride.
    •  Car Parking
    •  Collection point
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  • This price includes your bike and helmet as well as assistance all over the path.
  •  You can plan from 16kms to 50kms ride.
  •  Car Parking
  •  Collection point
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You can choose several kinds of bikes

Deporventura propose you the following bike models:
· Mountain bike
· Citytrek, it is a bike that combines the best balance between comfort (as a city bike) and road robustness (as a mountain bike)
· Tandem bicycle (for 2 adults) or trailer (a kid bike attached to an adult bike)
· Bike trolley for 1 or 2 kids (max 25 kgs)
· Baby bike seat placed behind the rider (up to 22 kgs)
· No pedal baby bike
· Manual Kart to be ride around the Buyera Recreational Area

The perfect journey with friends and/or family!

« The Bear Path » is the perfect ride to enjoy in family and with kids of all ages. The profile of the path is very smooth and, if you request, DEPORVENTURA organize for you this “downhill” rate carrying up your bikes to the top point of the path (San Martin de Teverga or Entrago) so you only have to ride down. The complete path has a “Y” shape and you might plan a longer and harder ride, if desired: like going up to the cave of “Cueva Huerta” and even going down to Oviedo. Ask us for advice and information!

At the Recreational Area of Buyera (Proaza) you have many parking places, picnic area, bar and toilets and, during summer, a public swimming pool.

Other rental options

DEPORVENTURA propose you bike rental by hours

By hours


/1 hour

Adults and Kids

By hours


/2 hours

Adults and Kids



/2 to 4 hours

Adults and Kids



/4 to 8 hours

Adults and Kids

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